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Losing Weight | How the Daniel Fast Worked for Me

Nothing can be certain except death and taxes….and losing weight.

Now this might not be true for everyone, but it is for me. I was an athlete in high school and college so I have never been obese or fat, but I have always had extra weight that I should get rid of. Workouts are pretty consistent for me, so being in shape is not my problem either. I just can’t seem to get down the 80% portion of losing weight, healthy eating.

I love food, and it shows!

Since I was always working out, eating never was an issue for me. I could eat whatever I wanted and only gain about 2 or 3 pounds, but then I would just run it all off in the next few weeks. Since I am no longer an athlete and am no longer working out as much, I can definitely feel the extra pounds a lot easier than before. I sit at a desk for most of the day, and when you live somewhere like Oklahoma, the weather can many times mess up your workout routines. Needless to say, losing weight with just working out has now proven to be a little more difficult for me.

Looking for options.

For the last few years I have been searching for different options to work for me. The only problem I have is sticking to the options. I can do healthy eating/dieting for about a month, and then after I lose about 10-15 pounds I go back to my old habits. I would love to say that this is something I no longer do, but I must confess I still do it. Hopefully someday I can find the motivation. I know that my issue is I really don’t care that much. I feel healthy, I am very happy with the way I look, so there really is not a ton to motivate me, other than the fact that I know if I eat the way I do much longer, I will not have a very happy elderly life. That is hard to use as motivation too because it is so far in the future it is hard to think about sometimes.

What has worked for me.

I have tried a few options that have worked well for me, but the one option that has worked for me every single time is the Daniel Fast. This is a fast that has you eating mostly veggies, fruits, and unleavened bread. Yes, no meat! I honestly didn’t think I would survive the first time we tried this, but I did. The best part is I felt so great after this diet. losing weightThe fast is a total of 21 days. In those 21 days I decided not to work out the first time because I didn’t want to be cautious. I had never done no meat before so I wanted to make sure I would have the energy I needed. After the 21 days of not working out on the Daniel fast I lost 23 pounds. I couldn’t believe that i could lose that much weight in such a short time without working out. Not only did I lose weight but I was sleeping better and I had more energy throughout the day. I also had a clearer mind. I was thinking sharper and quicker.

Why ever stop?

You are probably now thinking, if I felt so good why would I ever quit? That is a question I ask myself every single day. Again, I think the main issue is my motivation factor. The first time I did the fast Zach and I actually didn’t do it to lose weight, we did it for spiritual reasons. We felt God was asking us to do this fast so we did. I honestly believe though that if I would eat this way every day, I would have a much better future.

The next time we did the fast I decided to try working out.

I can tell you that this did not have an affect on me at all. My workouts were actual more effective and more enjoyable on the Daniel Fast. Eating all the right foods made it easier to workout. I know that some people with think that you are not getting enough protein for your workouts, but I can honestly tell you that I never had any issues. One of the things about the Daniel fast is that you get to eat as much as you want, you are just eating all the right things. I think this is one reason I didn’t lose energy. I was now eating when I needing nutrients and energy and not just because I had a craving or was bored.

Give it a try!

I would encourage any of you that are looking to either take a fast, or just to lose weight, give this a try. It really is easy to do. I would encourage myself and you to make this not only a 21 day fast, but a lifestyle. My goal is that the next time I do it, after the 21 days to continue, but maybe add some foods back in that are still okay for me (like meat) but add them in gradually. Did I mention that we also saved more money while we were on the fast? When you can’t eat the foods that are on the take out menu’s or at the restaurant, you save a ton of money. That is if you are someone who eats out regularly. It also causes you to start cooking. I found so many recipes to make for this fast, and the book itself gives you a few recipes and grocery lists as well. Here is a recipe that I found works for the Daniel Fast.

Are you looking for more?

The book also has a devotional for every 21 days of the fast if that is something you would like. I will say that this book is more appealing to those of the Christian faith. But, even if you are not a believer, fast can help you in losing weight if that is your main goal!


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